WonderCube is a casual action/arcade game for mainstream audiences.

Familiar runner mechanics provide memorable experience with pacing that allows for both intense action-packed sequences and smooth exploration of a strange, yet beautifully realized world.

Set in a surrealistic cube world, WonderCube is full of twisting roads and lanes, where surprises wait around every corner.

Run, jump, roll – do everything you can to avoid enemies and collect every coin and bonus there is!

Jump from one cube face to another, meet stranger creatures, and face tougher challenges!

Fast and fun, WonderCube sets the graphics quality bar even higher. Rich and detailed environments will not only looks noticeably better than most of the rivals on the market, but also immerse player deeper in this adventure. The challenge is carefully crafted and countless days were spent to ensure fun and accessible gameplay.

While certainly there are other runner games out there, we learnt instead of mindlessly copying them. The game also makes use of less common gameplay elements as well, such as platforming elements similar to all-time classics, as in Mario 64, for example.

The game tech is also quite flexible. It means that we’ll be able to incorporate changes easily, should it be new missions, shop items, or even new cubes and game mechanics. We are free to experiment, respond to user demands quicker, polish the game and accumulate experience that will be incorporated by sequels and spin-offs.