Poker Plus is a free retro stylized app for Texas Holdem on-line playing with real people worldwide. Novel bygone era design and social tools for poker on the iOS platform.

Choose the game speed (fast/normal), the number of players (5/9), the stack and the blind or a random table selection (click the "fast start" button).

Free chips: for inviting friends, 10 000 when the app is downloaded, and the player's account is replenished to 5000 chips daily. If it is still not enough to continue the game, some more chips can be purchased.

With it’s cool retro design features, the app stands head and shoulders above the competition: no weary green or tired burgundy! Instead, the players find themselves immediately drawn into an authentic saloon atmosphere.

 In the images of high cards we used portraits of ladies and gentlemen of the XIX century.


The option to view participants statistics on the number of the games played, the highest stake, the number of wins, and the best card combinations, is provided.

Social features enable you to get your friends involved in the game: with the help of invitations as well as with the real off-line poker games organizer with map or with search request.

You can use your Facebook or VK profile to log in, or play Poker Plus as a guest. The app displays the user data (age and the hometown) and the social network profile photo, which can be replaced by one of the male or female avatars in Poker Plus style.