We have made iPhone-application for Geometria.ru project — the largest  news in pictures site globally covering the events of club, cultural and social life of Russia and the countries of Western and Eastern Europe.

The task was to develop an application for the users to get quick access to all city important events, to be able to run over reviews and photo reports and to share with friends their plans for the evening.

Negotiations with the customer brought us the idea how the application should reflect the main website functions. After that a detailed specification and block diagram of application has been made.

The customer provided us with fixed design layouts. The only work we had been required is to cut all the textures and integrate them into the application.

At first sight the simple task was complicated with nonstandard design and a large number of complex visual effects (in particular, the shade and translucency of some elements) and required more technical skill of our developers.

While we were working on the client part of the project, Geometria.ru was engaged in the server side. Well established interaction between the teams allowed to solve any issues in the shortest possible time, and if we needed any changes in the server part, Geometria guys immediately came to the rescue.

In the end we got a mobile guide to entertainment with successfully integrated social media elements.

It helps users to keep track of the best events in restaurants and nightclubs, as well as get acquainted with the latest news from the world of film, theater and fashion. In addition, the application allows to share plans with friends and photos directly from smartphone.